The Week Resolution

I was thinking about my first post and I reached to the conclusion that I need a calendar for my change. Six months, six months for my goal. Six months since today.

In other news: The ISEM-University of Navarra is organizing a Fashion Conference in Pamplona, Spain. The congress will be on 20 and 21 April and I will be there. Will be: Enrique Loewe, Honorary President Loewe Foundation; Marva Griffin, Curator Salone Satellite – Salone Mobile, International Press Director; José Teunissen, London College of Fashion – LCF; Clemente Hernández, CEO of Aristocrazy; Debbie Smith, Director of new projects in Condé Nast and Hugo Jacomet, the Parisian Gentleman.

And… this summer: The LVMH group will have Les Journées Particulières in all its homes. The event will be 20, 21 and 22 May. So, I’ll travel to Paris and soon I’ll talk about my trip.

Thanks to read this and see you in my next post,