About Paris

Wow, wooow, wooooow, how much time since my last post? It’s real: tempus fugit. Anyway, I’m back.

About Paris? yeah! How I explain you in my last post, I had the idea to travel to Paris for Les Journées Particulières in LVMH’s houses. And yes I traveled and I was there. It was a great experience thanks to LVMH Team.

I was in a Masterclass in Thomas Pink and Berluti. In Thomas Pink I learned about the real importance of cottom and linen in the shirts elaboration process and in how create real shoes in Berluti.

I had two events more: one exhibition in LVMH Foundation and one conference in Le Jardin d’Acclimatation, but I couldn’t go because I prefered to walk through Paris and take some pictures.

Thanks to read this and see you in my next post,

P.S. I’ll write soon about the process to change myself.